Over the past few months, I have come to realise that my home is not the place of comfort I had always thought it was. Growing up in Armagh, Northern Ireland I have always been aware of the details of the conflict that occurred, but never truly connected the fact that the town I called ‘home’ and the town that was known as ‘Murder Mile’ throughout the 1970s-90s was in fact the same place. Since moving to England, many people have told me about the history of my home and what they believe it to be, and their version of events do not match up to my experience. ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ is a project that has emerged from, after twenty-one years, trying to find out the truth about where I come from, what my parents went through and, in a broader sense, who I am. 

The project includes scanned and cropped images from my parents photo albums during this period of conflict, cropped in to focus on the most important thing - family.

Alongside these are short videos which are made up of recordings of my parents recalling events of 'The Troubles' and reconstructions of the locations and events they are explaining as I imagine them.

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