'He's Better than the Last One' is in investigation into how the nature of our patriarchal society effects millennial men. 75% of all suicides are committed by men which many people believe is due to the fact they feel less free to express their vulnerable side than women do.  I explored juxtaposition of the interior space of the mind versus the exterior facade that is presented to the world. 

A bed is a place where one can fully relax and be truly vulnerable. The images of bed sheets act as an abstract painting expressing this vulnerability.

In the portraits, the men were asked to remove their tops and pose however they felt comfortable. 

The title 'He's Better than the Last One' is something my neighbour shouted to one of the men as I was photographing them. I felt that this reflected the competitive nature of masculinity, as well as the importance placed on physique, that is inflicted upon young men by the society they are in.

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